University of Mississippi

CWR Student Writers Explore Multimodal Composition

In this multimodal composition, WRIT 101 student Daniel Vasquez chose to revisit and remix what he wrote about in his narrative essay. Here’s how he describes his composition:


The paper picked for the multimodal project was the narrative paper which, was based off of the factors that come into play when one is selecting their major. The idea of the project came from the box of chocolates line in the movie “Forrest Gump”. I create a box of majors, two of which I have declared as a major but switched from and my current major, two extra majors for substance, and the schools I have studied at. Majors are like a box of chocolates. It’s okay to try more than one.

An innovative example of student multimodal work in SP12

All WRIT 100, 101, 102, LIBA 102, and WRIT 250 students assemble multimodal projects as a part of the CWR assignment sequence. These projects are not only fun and innovative for students, but they allow students to consider the constraints of real audiences, as well as how to transform their ideas into different forms.

Thanks to Daniel and Instructor Beth Mitchell for sharing this innovative example with us!