University of Mississippi

The CWR Celebrates Faulkner Remembrance Day

On Friday July 6, the University of Mississippi and the City of Oxford celebrated Faulkner Remembrance day, which marked the 50th anniversary of native Oxonian William Faulkner. Part of the event included an all-day marathon reading of Faulkner’s The Reivers at Faulkner’s historic home, Rowan Oak. Several staff members from the Center for Writing and Rhetoric participated in the reading, including Dr. Alice Myatt, Guy Krueger, Wendy Goldberg, and Andrew Davis.

CWR Faulkner Day

The Center for Writing and Rhetoric is proud to be one of the institutional sponsors of Faulkner Remembrance Day.

The marathon reading of The Reivers was organized by CWR graduate instructor and English Department doctoral candidate Pip Gordon.

Others sponsors of Faulkner Remembrance Day include:

Department of English
Department of Southern Studies
Mississippi Humanities Council
Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow
City of Oxford
Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau
First National Bank, Oxford
Vintage Books
Lyric Theater
Larson’s Big Star