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Call for Submissions: Venture Online Volume 7

Venture Online is a web-based magazine of selected writing and art from first-year students at the University of Mississippi. Anyone taking WRIT 100, 101, 102 or LIBA 102 may submit to Venture.

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Are you ready to express yourself? Do you have a story to tell, a poem waiting to be written? Could you write a letter to a newspaper or a friend which might help us all understand social injustice? Do you want to write about family, love, the environment, music, disappointment, success, adventures, memories, good and bad? You are not alone in your experiences, but your “take” on those memories will be yours to tell.

“The Eighty-Foot Drop
(and Lessons from a Turtle)”

By Ryan Stone
As I looked down into the blue abyss below me, I recalled looking up the cliff before I climbed it. The distance to the water seemed far more than what it was previously. Since the instant I looked over the edge of the rocks, my insides were swirling with anxiety and fear. At the same time I felt as if the entire moment wasn’t reality, but fantastical.

First paragraph of short story, Venture Volume 6, Spring 2012, Teacher: Wendy Buffington

To submit, send your entry via email to Entries should be sent as a regular Word document attachment (.doc, .docx, .rtf, not .pages or .wps). At the top of the first page, put the following:

Hometown, State, Zip
Teacher’s Name

Submit ART

Any first-year will also be able to submit Artwork for consideration for the cover and for the inside pages to accompany poems and stories. Send photos, drawings, prints, etc. submitted as a high resolution jpeg image for consideration. Photos usually make up the majority of our art selection.

Submission date (strict deadline) is Tuesday, October 16, 2012 for consideration in Volume 7, which will be published Thursday, November 29, 2012. Now, Get Busy and Write!


Selection for the magazine

Some of your teachers and student volunteers will form panels of three readers that will review each submission. Some panels will be composed of two teachers and one student while other panels will be composed of two students and one teacher.

If you would like to be considered as a student reader, just let your teacher know.
Once your work is received it will be distributed to all three people on a panel. If two of the three readers decide that the work you submit is worthy of publication, then you will be notified that your work has been accepted. You may submit more than one piece, but usually only one will be accepted.

What is acceptable?

Just about anything. But here is that list of some writing categories:
Short Story, Fiction or Creative non-fiction, Poetry, Letters, Memoir

How long does it need to be?

A few lines, a few pages; it all depends on what your idea and your writing project needs. If a work is too long, we may be able to publish a portion of it or ask you to shorten it.
We want you all to think about writing as a way of exploring and communicating. Be free and have fun as a writer and competitor. Consider your flow of ideas, the presentation of your story, use strong and meaningful words—shock us or make us cry. Engage us with your humor. And help us remember what its like to be a young person with real experience that has affected your life.


Launch Party: Everyone who is published will receive a hard copy of the magazine and a very cool Venture Online t-shirt at our now-famous Launch Party and Readings at the end of the semester. You will be honored, and your family and friends are invited to attend. Refreshments served.

Contact: Milly West,, editor, or assistant editor Emily Cooley,