University of Mississippi

Wednesday Workshops from the J.D. Williams Library

The Reference Department presents workshops on a variety of topics each Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. (repeated at 7:00 p.m.). All of the workshops take  place in Room 106E of the library. No registration is required, and certificates are available for students needing documentation. Please join us for an interesting and information hour at the library! Download the flier here: Wed Workshops poster–Spr 2013 final

Jan. 30Introduction to Library Resources How to navigate the library webpage, find available resources in your field, and how to access library services. Librarian: Ruth Mirtz

Feb. 6 —  Avoiding Plagiarism with Good Research Skills  Learn what plagiarism is and the research practices that decrease the chances of plagiarism and sloppy citation. Librarian: Ruth Mirtz

Feb. 13Civil War Resources  An introduction to information on the Civil War, ranging from the Official Record to “The Valley of the Shadow” and everything in between. Librarian: Ryan Johnson

Feb. 20Intro. to RefWorks  Have a lot of sources in your research? Hate using MLA and APA? Learn how to import, export, organize, and create bibliographies in any style with RefWorks.  Librarian: Buffy Choinski

Feb. 27 – Speed Research  Stop wasting time looking for sources! Learn ways to make your research faster and more efficient. If you have to write a research paper this semester, you can start NOW by learning how to find sources quickly and effectively. Librarian: Melissa Dennis

Mar. 6The Hidden Library  Learn the secrets of the library! This workshop will show you all the nooks and crannies, the hidden features of the library website, where the bodies are buried, and other strange and bizarre things about the library. Wear your walking shoes—a tour is part of the workshop. Librarian: Alex Watson

Mar. 20Widgets and Gadgets—Slick Tools for Research  Learn which library tools and gadgets you need for quick and effective research (all free!). Librarian: Melissa Dennis

Mar. 27Using Gender Studies and LGBTQ Databases to Expand Your Research  Learn how to use the library’s newest gender studies and LGBTQ databases to explore topics in sexual diversity and gender-engaged scholarship. Librarian: Amy E. Mark and Jennifer Ford

Apr. 3 –  Power Searching with Google  Everyone knows how to use Google, but do you know how to do college-level research on Google? Learn how to use the advanced features on Google to find reputable sources.  Librarian: Brian Young

Apr. 10 –  Business-to-Business Resources  Learn how to identify companies in the business to business (B2B) space for your projects or career research. B2B companies supply products and services to business, organizations, and government. Librarian: Joan Deegan

Apr. 17Online Privacy Issues  Learn about current discussions (and how to find them) on privacy, particularly online privacy—ranging from Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) to privacy scholars. We will also review privacy settings for online services (internet browsers, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Librarian: Brian Young

Apr. 24Research for Procrastinators   Still haven’t started that paper? Learn how to organize  your research, stay focused on your topic, avoid useless searching, and more. Find out how NOT to procrastinate next time.  Librarian: Ruth Mirtz


(Post by Ruth Mirtz)