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Writing Center consultants look forward to TutorCon 2014

Consultants from the University of Mississippi Writing Centers are looking forward to attending TutorCon 2014 on Friday April 4. TutorCon attendees will enjoy round-table conversations, presentations from writing consultants, and creative writing workshops. This year’s theme is called “The Multimodal Tutor: Exploring the Role of Technology in Tutoring Practice.”

For more information, visit the TutorCon website.

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Special Event: Guest Lecture by Paul Greenberg, author of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, Monday 2/24 at 7pm

The Center for Writing and Rhetoric and the Southern Foodways Alliance are pleased to welcome Paul Greenberg to Fulton Chapel on Monday, February 24th at 7:00pm. Mr. Greenberg will talk about his book Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, which is used as a reading in several Writing 102 sections, including those with the Food and Environment themes. This event is free and open to the public.

Paul Greenberg is the author of the James Beard Award winning New York Timesbest-seller Four Fish: The future of the Last Wild Food and a regular contributor to The New York Times. He has also written for National Geographic Magazine, GQ, The Times (of London), and Vogue, and he lectures on seafood and the environment around the world. His next book– American Catch, a book about how we lost and how we might regain American local seafood– will be published by Penguin Press in June 2014.

Flyer for Four Fish Lecture (all details in announcement above)

CWR Teachers and Writing Consultants participate in North Mississippi Home-School Reading Fair

Faculty members from the Center for Writing and Rhetoric and consultants from the Oxford Campus Writing Center recently served as judges for the North Mississippi Home-school Reading Fair. This fair is an annual event sponsored by the state of Mississippi, and participation is available to all children who reside in the state, prek- grade 12. In order to participate in any regional fair, a student must first compete at the local level. This reading fair provides the home-schooled child’s chance to compete at this level with an opportunity to proceed to the Regional Reading Fair with all the winners from area schools.

Karens visits reading fair

CWR Core Instructor Karen Forgette talks with a Reading Fair participant.

Guy at reading fair

Core Instructor Guy Krueger judges a project at the reading fair.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Common Reading Experience Essay Contest!

The Center for Writing and Rhetoric, the University Libraries, and the Department of Outreach are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 Common Reading Experience Essay contest for Craig Mullaney’s The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education.

The contest asked writers to consider one of the following prompts:

  • Who are Mullaney’s most influential educators, both in and out of the classroom? What lessons do they impart? How do they impact Mullaney? Compare this to someone who has taught you and what was effective about your learning experience(s).
  • How does the study of literature and history inform Mullaney’s education? What roles do language –reading and writing – and thorough examination of the past play in his emerging sense of what it means to be a soldier, leader, and public servant?
  • The book is titled The Unforgiving Minute. Over the course of the book, people offer and withhold forgiveness, to and from one another, and to and from themselves. If applicable to you, relate forgiven and unforgiving moments from the book to your own life.

The 2013 Common Reading Experience Essay Contest winners are:

Mary Elizabeth Jarrard
(University of Mississippi, Oxford)

Ashlee Weaver
(Lafayette County High School)

–click each winner’s name to download and read their essay–

Each winner was awarded $150.00 for their contest entry. Congratulations!

CWR Teachers tour new Lamar Hall facilities

Lamar Classroom 1

Lamar Hall Classroom 404

On Thursday August 22, teachers and staff from the Center for Writing and Rhetoric, as well as other departments in the College of Liberal Arts, were given the opportunity to tour the new classroom  facilities in Lamar Hall, also known as the Old Law School. These new classrooms will be open for the Fall semester on Monday, August 26.

The new classrooms are equipped with the most up-to-date technology available, and have new, ergonomically-designed furniture.

In Summer 2014, the Center for Writing and Rhetoric, along with the Oxford Writing Center, will move to new offices in Lamar Hall, which are still under construction. This move will bring the writing faculty, speech faculty, and Writing Center consultants under one roof.

Lamar Classroom 2

Lamar Hall Classroom 406

CWR staff are particularly excited about the new Oxford Writing Center, the design of which takes advantage of cutting-edge ideas about space in the writing center community. With extensive natural lighting, seating and workspace designed to facilitate collaboration, and spaces for a variety of different purposes, we’re sure that the new Writing Center will be a priceless resource for UM students for years to come.



Writing Center

Natural Light in the Writing Center

writing center 2

The New Oxford Writing Center