University of Mississippi

Minor in Professional Writing

About the Professional Writing Minor

The minor in professional writing prepares students to become effective written, spoken, visual, and electronic communicators in a variety of digital, disciplinary, and workplace environments. Students choose their emphases in many classroom projects to complement and extend the knowledge acquired in any major and meet their intended career goals. Special emphasis is given to navigating the terrain of electronic writing environments and social media through portfolio projects and allowing students to develop reflective practices to direct their learning beyond the academy.


A minor in professional writing consists of 18 hours of Writ courses, including:

Writ 100/101 or Engl 101 or Hon 101
Writ/Liba 102 or Engl 102 or Hon 102
Engl 250 or Writ 250
Writ 310 
Writ 350
Writ 410

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