University of Mississippi

Student Writing Awards

The 2014 Cynthia Krieser Award for Outstanding Freshman Writing

Established in 1990 in memory of Cynthia Krieser.
These awards are made annually to first-year composition students who exhibit outstanding writing skills.

2013 Krieser Award Winner:

2012 Krieser Award Winners:

  • LaKeith Faulkner
  • Matthew Fernandez
  • Tiffani Nye

The Cynthia Krieser Award for Outstanding Freshman Writing is made possible by an endowment fund known as the Cynthia Krieser English Award Endowment fund, the purpose of which is to honor in perpetuity the late Cynthia Krieser and at the same time recognize outstanding first-year composition writing. This fund is open to and shall accept gifts from persons, estates, organizations, and any others who desire to make a gift and each gift, when made through the University of Mississippi Foundation, shall be fully tax-deductible. We invite inquiries, which should be directed to the director of the CWR; email inquiries may be sent to, with Krieser Fund in the subject line.

The 2013 Ole Miss Common Reading Experience Essay Contest

Common Reading Experience Essay Contest

The Center for Writing and Rhetoric, the University Libraries, and the Department of Outreach are excited to announce the 2013 Common Reading Experience Essay contest for Craig Mullaney’s The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education.


Write a Short Essay Using one of these Prompts:

  • Who are Mullaney’s most influential educators, both in and out of the classroom? What lessons do they impart? How do they impact Mullaney? Compare this to someone who has taught you and what was effective about your learning experience(s).
  • How does the study of literature and history inform Mullaney’s education? What roles do language –reading and writing – and thorough examination of the past play in his emerging sense of what it means to be a soldier, leader, and public servant?
  • The book is titled The Unforgiving Minute. Over the course of the book, people offer and withhold forgiveness, to and from one another, and to and from themselves. If applicable to you, relate forgiven and unforgiving moments from the book to your own life.

Submission Instructions

Original Essays must be At least 800 words and must be emailed to no later than Monday, 9/30.

In your email, please include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Home Campus

Cash Prizes of $150 will be awarded to one winner in each category:

  • Oxford Campus Student
  • Booneville Campus Student
  • DeSoto Campus Student
  • Grenada Campus Student
  • Tupelo Campus Student
  • UMMC Student
  • Lafayette County High School Student
  • Oxford High School Student

2012 Winners:

William T. Jaynes
(University of Mississippi, Oxford)

Juan Acevedo
(University of Mississippi, Southaven)

Kaitlin Conwill
(University of Mississippi, Booneville)

Mackenzie Ross
(Oxford High School)

Congratulations to all of our winners!